TotalSims Normally configures your controller settings automatically. Sometimes
RUN TotalSims to properly configure your Controller.

Choose Controller Settings from the Settings Menu by double clicking OR click on
the SELECT button to open the Controller Settings dialogue.

TotalSims allows you to use multiple joysticks, Rudder-Pedals, and Throttle
Control if desired.

If using Multiple Devices, make sure the correct input devices are selected for
each specific function in the drop down boxes in the Controller Input screen.

You will want to "center" your controls. NOTE: Whenever you fly in TotalSims,
release - "HANDS OFF" -  all controls and then press F12 to center the joystick
to ensure precise control.

The Green Test Box in the lower left-hand corner of the Controller Input Dialogue
represents the limit of the joystick's movements. The cross and lines show the
position of limits of joystick movement.

· Move the stick to the limit of its movement in all directions, and return the stick
to its upright and center position.

The red line at the top of the Test Box shows the position of the rudder. If you
have a "twisty" joystick, twist the joystick to its full extent, or if you have rudder
pedals use them to calibrate this function.

· Move a chosen control to the full extent of its movement and then return it to its
center position. The black bar on the right of the box represents the throttle
position. If you are using a keyboard for this function please disregard this step.

· Move the throttle control to its limits, and then position the black bar in the lower
right hand corner of the box.

· Once the above steps are complete and the controls are centered in the box
press the Center Joystick button.

To fine-tune your joystick settings, select the action you want to adjust: Roll,
Pitch, Yaw, Throttle or Brakes.

· Move the slider controls 0 - 100 to fine-tune your stick inputs throughout its
range of travel.

· The Deadband setting affects the size of the area at the center of your
controller wherein inputs have no effect.

· The Dampening setting adjusts the overall limiting of controller inputs.

· Deadband and Dampening settings are commonly used to overcome minor
joystick "spiking" or over-sensitive controllers.

· Move the slider controls to adjust the Deadband and Dampening as desired.

You can return to the default settings at anytime by clicking on the Load Defaults

· Click SAVE CHANGES to save your settings.
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