"The Pilot who flies alone, dies alone."

.Jsquad ( also known as local squads ) is back and is now the method you will use to
create, Join and administer your squads. Some squads will remain intact during this
conversion but Some Squads Or Members Will Need to be Recreated by COs or have
Members Rejoin. See below for the How-To.
Squad Creation and Joining

To Create or Join a squad you must be Online. The following commands, typed in the radio
buffer allow you to create a squad, invite and remove members, disband or otherwise
perform administrative actions.

All arenas are now in "local squad mode". This means membership in a specific squad is
on a "per-arena" basis. This allows you to be in a different squad in different arenas if you

To create a squad,   go Online and Invite another player to Join your new squad with the
command. Once you have another member in your squad you can then Name your
squad and invite other players.

.INV <player> <= invite <player> to join your squad. Both player must be online.
.JSQ <= accept an invitation to join a squad
.DSQ <= decline an invitation to join
.NAM <name> <= assign name your squadron
.SLO <slogan> <= assign slogan to your squadron
.REMOVE <player> <= remove a player from your squadron
.DISBAND <= disband your squadron
.PSQ <player> <perms> <= assign permissions for a player in your squadron
 0 = cant do nuttin'
 1 = can remove a member, rename the squad, set the slogan
 2 = can invite
 3 = all of the above
.WITHDRAW <=remove yourself from a squad
.SQU <player> <= get information on the squad who's leader is <player>
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