I am creating a website that includes links and downloads that are related to either personal
computer care, or assisting an individual with access to programs and information available for
game play in WarBirds 2007 ... an iEntertainment combat flight simulation game. This site is in no
way used for profit. Any link or program available will not lead to any harmful pop-ups or tracking
cookies, for they have not on my computer while posting them. I accept no responsibility for
anything. I do say that what I post is safe,,, what you do with it from there is your decision. Always
remember to back up work and/or make restore points. Most computer problems are self
generated from lack of knowing how to properly maintain ones personal computer. The links and
pics posted on this site were aquired from the internet, available to anyone. I have posted them in
good faith. If a person who has created any of the items posted on my page has a query or quarrel
as per my postings, please contact me at cmlytnin@lytninslinks.net and I will promptly resolve
such a matter.