Download the file:   (23M)

A spreadsheet of how all sounds are associated can be found here:   
Planelist.pdf   (14k)

As always, backup your Warbirds sounds folder (default location is C:\iEntertainment Network\WarBirds
2004\sounds) to a safe place before making any changes.

Unzip the file into your Warbirds sounds folder.
Click <yes to all> to overwrite any files. It should only overwrite the .txt files and install a folder named custom
to your sounds folder. Done. That's all it takes.

If you wish to clean up the sounds folder or need the disk space:
You can delete any .dll files in your sounds folder, Warbirds can no longer use them. Any "planename" folders
(for example 109gr6, a36, b5n, etc.) can be deleted. The only folder you should not touch are the default and
doadefault folders. You need those. Also do not delete the .wav files in the sounds folder, Warbirds still uses


Download the file:    (261k)

This is basically the historical gunsights by "PopGirl".  As far as I know, they are all historically accurate.

Backup your Warbirds skins folder (default location C:\iEntertainment Network\WarBirds 2004\skins) to a
safe place.

Unzip the file into your Warbirds skins folder.
Click <yes to all> to overwrite any files or folders.
Created by  Doones

of   The Menacing Ferrets      
Fighter Squadron.