The EMC is a massively multiplayer online mini-campaign hosted by iEN using the WarBirds aerial
combat simulation.

The EMC ties together a string of loosely scripted scenarios into a campaign, or miniature war if you
like, and is aimed at providing weekly meta-historical missions outside Scenario Lites and other events.
The format is sufficiently regulated to ensure enemy contact (read: fun) and sufficiently loose to allow
for surprise and stratagems.

Historical missions? Isn't that for hard-core pilots only?
Absolutely not! Apart from the reduced icon settings posing a slight challenge, the EMC format give
rookie pilots a chance to do battle under less chaotic circumstances than in the Main Arena. Because
enemy plane types are usually limited and known in advance, the pilot can fight to the best of his own
aircraft's capability - without having to worry about all and sundry barrelling in from any direction.
However, the likelyhood of intense action and devastating surprise is as high, if not higher, in the EMC.
Also, since sorties are generally made in strength, pilots seldom have to face the enemy alone. At least
until the shooting starts (evil grin).

The EMC endeavour to emulate air combat history, not necessarily recreate specific actions. While
certain missions might be stipulated in the writeup, it is up to the participants to immerse themselves in
the mind set of a particular campaign.

The Golden Rule
Have fun. If you're not having fun, we've failed. However, bear in mind that everyone wants to have
fun, so be prepared to do your part to support it.

Who decides on what I should fly and so forth?
You do. However, since your actions directly impact the country effort, we recommend that you
co-operate with your countrymen. CO's (Commanding Officer) are recruited from the player base on a
first-to-come, first-served basis. Anyone can volunteer for CO or Flight Leader "duties". These duties
extend only as far as you yourself decide. Some take their title very seriously and make detailed plans,
whereas others manage "on the fly". There are no rules for how to run the show - but you had better
make some plans, or the enemy will plan for you!

How does it work?
We strongly recommend that pilots study available campaign information beforehand, and read up on
the various missions and aircraft involved. A measure of imagination is in order to interpret logical
missions and probable combat flow. Since the typical campaign is based on historical action, there is
often a wealth of information available on the net. Do check this out in order to reach a higher level of

When you've decided which side to bet on and in which capability you prefer to participate, hop right
in. Chances are high that you get to do exactly what you set your heart upon, be it fighter sweeps,
combat air patrol, bomber escort or bomber interception, low-level mud moving and so forth.

Again, it is strongly recommended that you query your countrymen whether there are planned missions
forthcoming or enroute. Going up alone is generally a bad idea, since combat is more often than not
joined in section to squadron strength. If there are no major organized raids in progress you are
naturally free to enlist support for your own mission. Sit in the tower a while, listen to the chatter, and
have a look at the map for likely hot spots before launching.

Results from one frame often carry over to the next. If a certain airfield is destroyed in frame 1, it may
be partially or wholly disabled in frame 2, i.e the next Sunday. Eventually even the frontline might be

How do I know who won?
The results of each scenario, as well as a summary of the whole campaign, is posted after each
scenario and campaign. These debriefs are not focused on hit percentages etc, but are instead
intended to give a picture of what happened and who had the advantage at the end of the campaign.

See the "Rules and Settings" section for specifics on EMC at  

Can entire squadrons fly?
Yes! The more the merrier. Over our first year, several squadrons found a new "home" in the EMC at
one time or another. We aim to get as many Euro-based squads as possible to become engaged in
EMC and invite squadrons - with their commanders - to take an active role in the planning and
execution of the event.

What's with this European stuff?
EMC was started by two European CMs: -witz- from Sweden and =dncr= from Germany. The frames
are run on Euro-friendly hours, making it possible for many non-Americans to fly in moderated,
historically based events, without having to get up at 3:00 AM to fly. Americans are of course very
welcome to join too :-).

Contacting the EMC Crew