Fly2.cfg file explained for PC

The fly2.cfg file is a file you must create, and add to the Warbirds root directory to
enable personal dot commands to execute at the beginning of each flight.

To create the fly2.cfg file you must first go to ' My Documents ' and click 'tools' from the
toolbar. Then from the drop-down list,, click 'folder options' Once in 'folder options' click
the 'view' tab....the view tab will bring up 'Advanced settings:'--- In 'Advanced settings'
scroll to the 8th black check box that reads "Hide extensions for known file types" and
UNcheck it. Now click APPLY.

Now you may rename the folder you are creating to an extension that Warbirds will
recognise, when the time comes.

Next... Go to 'My Documents' again and right click within the page , and from the list
that popped up highlite ' New ' ,,, and slide over to 'Text Document' and click it to
create a text document in 'My Documents'.

Now that the file is created,, you may now open the new text document in 'My
Documents', and type in the dot commands that you would like to execute upon take
off. (ex. .hls .gamma .minrender etc.)

Now that you have typed in the commands, go to the text documents toolbar in the
upper left hand corner, and click 'file' ,,, from the drop down list click 'Save'. This has
saved what you typed to the document. While still in the text document, click 'File'
again,, and from the drop down menu, click 'Save As'. This will bring up a new window.

At the top of the 'Save As' page chose 'Desktop' from the drop down arrow in the 'Save
in' category. and at the bottom of the 'Save As' page , where it says 'Encoding'... click
the drop down arrow to the right and chose ' ANSI '.  Some computers are different and
use 'Unicode' in this option.

Above 'Encoding' is 'Save as type' ... to the right of 'Save as type' is a drop down

make sure that ' Text Documents (*.txt) ' is selected.

Then click save. This will in turn move the text document that you just created onto
your desktop. Now that it is on the desktop, you can 'X' out of any pages left up.

Right click on the Text Document, and click 'rename' ... backspace the existing name
and type in fly2.cfg then enter. You will be asked if you are sure that you want to
rename the file.... click 'Yes'

Now your fly2.cfg file has been made, and you can drag and drop it right into your
Warbirds folder. It will locate itself within the folder.

You're finished.... Happy flying

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