How to Update without problems

Before updating,, remember that when you update, it will overwrite all custom
files and folders back to original, as a default WarBirds folder.  So before
actually doing the update, it is wise to make a copy of your WarBirds folder by
right-clicking on it, then click 'Send to', then 'My Documents'. Then locate the
copy of WarBirds in 'My Documents' and rename it 'WarBirds2010B'.  

Then drag that new, renamed copy of WarBirds back into the folder named
'iEntertainment Network'.  Then go into the new WarBirds2010B folder you
just created, and scroll down to the wb3.exe file. Double click it. It will start
WarBirds. From the splash screen, click UPDATE. It will ask you which copy of
WarBirds you'd like to update. Choose the new copy you just
created.(WarBirds2010B) It will auto update that copy only. Restart computer.

Then go into the copy of WarBirds that you just created, and locate wb3.exe
file again and right click on it, and create a shortcut to your desktop. That new
icon on your desktop will start your new and updated WarBirds2010.

If any files were changed or deleted, you still have them in the old copy of
WarBirds,, ready to copy, drag and drop into the new copy. If, by chance, you
did have a problem, you'll always have the original install to use to correct, or
go back to.  This is an efficient and error-proof way of updating successfully,
without any problems occurring.

Also, after the update, you may need to re-set some settings,.. ie.  input
mapper, helix effects, stick settings, video settings, etc.  The update may
reset some/all of these settings back to default.

NOTE TO ALL USERS: You need to be in Administrator Mode or have Full
Read/Write permissions for the User Account on your computer in order to
install and play successfully. These updates include a NEW executable and
application and you may have to Update your Anti-virus / Firewall programs to
allow the new Update to connect to the internet.
This is a known problem that alot of players do not think of, until they are so
tired of getting disconnected, that they blame it on the update, re download
the whole game, and then wonder why they are still having the same problem.  
This webpage was created to try to avoid these type of things from happening.

NOTE TO WIN98/Me users: These operating systems are no longer supported

If you have any problems, post in the iEnt BBS at

<S>  enjoy
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